Ice cream sandwiches already scream summer, but with a little makeover, they can be the coolest Fourth of July treat at the table.

Okay, this “recipe” is basically cheating. But if you want to add a little fun to your Fourth of July without any effort — literally, like zero effort — then you’ll love this simple trick.

Buy a pack of ice cream sandwiches from the grocery store — or ice cream truck! I went for the mini sandwiches since there are always so many delicious treats at picnics. Smaller sizes mean you can sample more sweets. They also mean less mess, since they won’t have as much time to melt. 

Pour some sprinkles in a bowl, and get rolling. Just like an ice cream cone with sprinkles, the extra taste and texture is delicious — and way more fun!

Happy Fourth of July!

Star spangled ice cream sandwiches
Star spangled ice cream sandwiches are perfect for Fourth of July.

Star spangled ice cream sandwiches



  1. Keep ice cream sandwiches frozen until ready to make recipe. Remove one sandwich at a time from its paper. Roll edges in sprinkles. Either return to paper or place on platter and store in freezer until ready to serve.
  2. Repeat with each sandwich.
Star spangled ice cream sandwiches
Meghan Rodgers

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