Alton Brown, the master of kitchen hacks, leaves us in awe with his many time-saving tips, so it’s no surprise he has a genius way to juice watermelon, too.

His method involves a biscuit cutter, a knife and an immersion blender.

Since prepping a watermelon using involves a fairly large, juicy mess on the cutting board, Alton’s hack is one worth adopting. Since less juice will end up on your countertop, you’ll have more of the sweet stuff for your beverages and recipes. You’ll also save cleanup time overall, since the rind will remain in one piece.

Check out his video here, complete with dramatic music. Because, everything is a cutthroat competition in the world of Alton.

Start by situating the watermelon comfortably on one end, so it won’t tip over. Place the biscuit cutter on the top of the watermelon, and press into the rind so it creates a circular outline. Remove the cutter. Using a small, sharp knife, trace the circle and cut away this section of the rind.

Here’s the fun part. Grab your immersion blender, and stick it into the meat of the watermelon, making sure to get along the side walls of the fruit as well.

When you think you’ve got it all, you can pour directly into your blender along with other fruits for a refreshing smoothie, pour into ice cube trays for use later, or add alcohol directly to the watermelon for a festive watermelon punch.

You may want to strain first if your used a seeded watermelon to help remove some of the seed bits or pulp. With this simple, tasty new hack, you’ll be looking for new reasons to juice watermelon.





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