Nothing says winter weather quite like cuddling up on the couch in your flannel and fuzzy socks and a mug full of your favorite warm beverage. But, give the choice, what do you like to fill that mug with? Of course coffee and tea are welcomed any day of the year, but what seasonal drink do you go for around the holidays?

An online poll recently asked Americans to share their favorite seasonal drink, and these were the top eight favorite drinks.

So, do you agree? What drink would you add to the list, and which ones have you already crossed off the list this holiday season?

America's favorite seasonal hot beverages

8. Mulled wine

On a cold day, spiced wine is the perfect way to warm up. Make your own in a crock pot with bold red wine, spices, fresh fruits and some cognac.

America's favorite seasonal hot beverages

7. Hot Buttered Rum

This decadent drink will help you sip away the chilly winter weather. Practice making a few batches so you have your recipe just right by National Hot Buttered Rum Day on January 17.

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6. Eggnog

From ski trails to office parties, no list would be believable without the quintessential holiday drink — eggnog. While it’s often served chilled, many people prefer it warm. Either way, the alcohol is sure to warm you up!

5. Hot toddy

A classic drink to sip from the comfort of your couch. Make one easily at home by adding lemon, honey and spices to a hot mug of whiskey.

4. Peppermint mocha

Mint is so festive and with a couple added shots of espresso, you’ll be ready for all night holiday shopping binges.

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3. Pumpkin spice latte

Because fall just isn’t long enough, the PSL creeps into Christmas season. 

America's favorite seasonal hot beverages

2. Spiced cider

Harvest season might be over, but apple cider is still being pressed. Add a few cinnamon sticks for some festive flair. 

Winter white hot chocolate with cinnamon_3

1. Hot chocolate

And the award for America’s favorite hot beverage goes to hot chocolate. No matter how old you are, hot chocolate hits the spot on a cold day. With cultures all around the world having similar recipes, it would likely show up on other countries’ lists as well. But not just any old, powdered mixed hot chocolate will do. See the recipe below for my updated take on this wintertime classic. 

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