There’s no better, or easier, way to score big points on Valentine’s Day than with a delicious breakfast-in-bed spread for your sweetie. Wake up a few minutes early and sneak off to the kitchen to whip up wondrous red velvet waffles, or keep it light with light pink smoothies and yogurt bits. Keep these 14 sweet recipes on hand for your most unforgettable Feb. 14 morning yet.

Nutella and Strawberry stuffed french toast

Nutella and strawberry is a match made in breakfast heaven.

Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are even sweeter when when they’re reshaped like little hearts.

Banana Pancakes

Aside from the romantic song Jack Johnson wrote about them, banana pancakes are just a delicious morning meal.

Strawberry Cream Cheese breakfast pastries

These would be a sweet breakfast no matter what shape they are, but you’ll definitely get bonus points for the extra heart-shaped effort.

French Toast Churros

Serve these French toast churros warm for breakfast in bed on Feb. 14.

Heart Bacon

Bacon hearts are the way to her heart.

I heart you toast

A cookie cutter can make this one more manageable, but a little careful cutting with a knife can get the same effect.

Cupid’s Vanilla Berry Smoothie

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a fruity, delicious pink drink.

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast pizza is the perfect breakfast food. Top is with all your loves favorites.

Frozen yogurt and granola hearts

These adorable frozen yogurt hearts are the perfect healthy, sweet breakfast combo.

Heart potatoes

These are an absolute must for V-Day morning. The only consideration is serving them with ketchup or hot sauce.

Red Velvet Waffles

If you have to go gluten-free, these heart-shaped waffle wonders are the way to go.

fruist smoothie bowl

This kid-friend breakfast can be shared by the whole family.

Double chocolate pancakes

They might not be healthy or heart-shaped, but the decadent layers of chocolate definitely inspire loves.


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