It’s no secret that people spend big bucks for gifts on Valentine’s Day. Flowers, perfume, jewelry, romantic getaways, and, of course, candy. It’s projected that Americans will spend about $1.8 billion on the sweet stuff in the weeks leading up to the holiday of love. Butย if you’re not sure what kind of sugar to buy your sweetie, a glance at this state-by-state map of favorite candies might give you some inspiration. analyzed 10 years of online bulk candy sales from January 1 through February 14 every year to revel the trends. And it looks like there’s a new candy king in town. Conversation hearts are favored by more people than the traditional heart-shaped box of chocolates. Other lovable favorites like Hershey Kisses and chocolate hearts also made the list.

So which candy does your state prefer? Does it sync with your own favorites?

When it comes to Valentine’s Day it really is the thought that counts, so have fun and give whatever you think your love will love most. That is, unless you’re considering Cupid Corn. In that case, maybe just a card will do. (Isn’t one candy corn-esque holiday enough?)



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