Just in case you were worried about running out of rosé for your next party, one company has taken note of our favorite millennial pink summer drink and is producing a party-sized keg of the stuff. Bridge Lane Wine is selling bright blue kegs of rosé, perfect for Memorial Day parties, outdoor weddings or just about any other type of gathering you might be having.

Bridge Lane Wine sells its wine kegs in five different varietals: chardonnay, red blend, sauvignon blanc, white merlot, and rosé — each with a different colored label. Each wine keg is the equivalent of 26 bottles, or about 130 glasses. The kegs costs around $240 each, meaning that you’re paying less than $2 a glass, making them a great economical alternative to filling up your recycling bin with empty glass bottles.

According to the description on Bridge Lane Wine’s website, the rosé is fruit-forward with notes of  guava, peach blossom, strawberry and watermelon.

And no need to hide an ugly steel container. The pretty blue keg will stand out — in a good way — at any formal or casual event.

If using a wine-certified kegerator, the wine will stay good for up to two months after tapping — but, honestly, who has leftover wine?


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