Americans love pizza. From the veggie-packed Supreme to the simplicity of a garlicky White, is there any food more beloved? One study found that the average American will devour at least 6,000 slices in their lifetime, beginning their lifelong love at the pre-school age.

Grubhub decided to shed some light on our nationwide pizza preferences, using their delivery data to calculate the most popular toppings and trendiest pies across the country. And the data even shows that where you live probably determines a lot what those 6,000 slices will look like.

So what’s America’s favorite pizza topping?

It might be no surprise that pepperoni was the most-ordered topping of 2019. In fact, nearly 250 million pounds of the stuff is served atop pizza slices every year.

most popular pizza toppings

  1. Pepperoni
  2. Mushroom
  3. Sausage
  4. Green pepper
  5. Black olives

Trendiest pizzas of 2019

And the trendiest pizza of the year goes to the Margherita pizza—yes, somehow a pizza invented in 1889 is more popular than ever! Topped with fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes, Margheritas were 985% more popular than they were in 2018. Several other “trendy” pies started climbing the charts as well:

  1. Margarita pizza — 985% more popular
  2. Garlic supreme pizza — 981% more popular
  3. Mac and cheese pizza — 935% more popular
  4. Chicken, ranch and bacon pizza — 911% more popular
  5. Neapolitan pizza — 856% more popular

Region dictated pizza popularity, as well, and there were some serious trends. The Midwest is all about deep-dish, of course, while eat Northeast goes more traditional New York style.

Most popular pizzas in the Midwest

  1. Detroit deep-dish pizza — 983% more popular
  2. Gluten-free pizza — 513% more popular
  3. Margherita pizza — 402% more popular
  4. Taco pizza — 273% more popular
  5. Mac and cheese pizza — 270% more popular

Most popular pizzas in the northeast

  1. Neapolitan pizza — 554% more popular
  2. Brooklyn pizza — 331% more popular
  3. Sicilian pizza — 267% more popular
  4. Buffalo chicken pizza — 153% more popular
  5. Bruschetta pizza — 141% more popular

Most popular pizzas in the south

  1. Supreme pizza — 193% more popular
  2. Greek pizza — 189% more popular
  3. Chicken barbecue pizza — 171% more popular
  4. Mexican pizza — 150% more popular
  5. Spinach and artichoke pizza — 137% more popular

Most popular pizzas in the west

  1. Pesto pizza — 248% more popular
  2. Everything pizza — 223% more popular
  3. Garden pizza — 108% more popular
  4. Mexican pizza — 105%  more popular
  5. Hawaiian chicken pizza — 98% more popular

Everyone loves pizza. Just don’t let it put you in the hospital!

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