With Christmas and New Year’s just days away, it’s really time to start thinking about the details. Like what drinks your serving and, of course, how you can add more glitter to you party. Enter Target’s Glitter Raspberry Wine Fizzers.

They’re like little sparkly bath bombs for your wine glass, and they’ll make your using wine drinking this holiday season a much classier affair.

As the name implies, the Fizzers add a pop of fruity flavor that will turn your wine into more of a rosé. Plus they’re fun to watch dissolve in the glass, releasing tiny drinkable silver and gold stars.

The festive Wine Fizzers come in a pack of six for $6 so you can enjoy the fun with friends—making all of your evenings a bit brighter—without burning a hole through your Christmas cash.

You can’t order them online any longer, but they are still available in many Target stores. So get them before they run out!

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