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Honey soy glazed salmon

If you want a fancy-yet-easy main dish, look no further than baked salmon fillets. It can be a midweek date go-to as much as it can  be an al fresco meal with friends, or even a romantic night in. Salmon pretty much always suits the occasion. This baked salmon comes out beautifully with little-to-no effort. The marinade is an interesting blend of sweet and sour flavors. It’s similar to a teriyaki sauce, though it takes its main spice ingredients from Chinese and Thai cuisine. Also try these Spicy Thai tuna stuffed avocados. To cook, let your fillets soak up the marinade for about 2 hours before baking (no less than 30 minutes), then place in preheated oven (350ºF). Even thick salmon fillets cook quickly, so don’t stray too far from the kitchen. As a rule of thumb, salmon needs four to six minutes cook time per half-inch of thickness. Start…

Italian roasted veggies make for simple vegetarian, vegan meal

I first had roasted tomatoes at a wedding where they served this veggie blend family style, surrounding a tender roasted chicken. The way the crinkled tomato skin slipped off and the insides burst made them oh-so craveable. I skipped most of the meat and loaded my plate with these flavorful veggies. Sure, they’re a great accompaniment to your favorite protein, but I like this dish all on its own. This combo is entirely too easy to prep for how delicious it is. Just wash the veggies to remove any dirt, and you’re almost done. I buy the bagged cauliflower to save time breaking off the florets myself. And it’s up to you if you slice the mushrooms or leave them whole. Onions are really great in this mix too. Just chop up one medium onion and add in with all the other veggies. (Baking time might need to be adjusted a few minutes longer.) Italian Roasted Veggies Ingredients…