What’s in season in February?

Nothing tastes better than fresh-picked fruits and veggies. If you too prefer your produce when it’s freshest from the farm, here’s what you should be buying in February. Fresh produce is tastier and cheaper since there is plenty of it—simple supply and demand here! So stock up, save money, and enjoy these fruits and vegetables grown this time of year right here in the U.S. Oranges Oranges show up every year right when we need their powerful vitamin C the most. Cold, grey days tend to be synonymous with sickness, but a healthy dose of OJ or a fresh orange a day can help keep the doctor away. Grapefruits Grapefruits also offer a pop of bright color and cheery flavor when we need it most. Grapefruits are perfectly ripe and juicy in February so enjoy them this month in fresh-squeeze juice, salads, or all on their own. Try this grapefruit…

Citrus green salad with spicy shrimp

This super simple citrus salad with shrimp is so easy and flavorful, you’ll love adding it to your weeknight repertoire. It’s great in the summer when fresh greens are everywhere, but it’s also great in the winter, when citrus is at its peak. But during summer, canned segments can work just as well, and can be a real time saver if you’re in a hurry. This is also a great way to use up those random leftover greens. Toss in some arugula, kale, spinach, romaine — the more variety the better! I threw in some leftover cilantro, but you may choose to leave it out. I’ve been surprised by how many people hate cilantro. It’s delicious in this salad, but not necessary. The same goes for the cayenne pepper. If you hate heat, leave it out. But the combination of sweet citrus, spicy shrimp, and crunchy greens and almonds, is…

Grapefruit, avocado, capers, a flavorful salad for all seasons

Discounts can lead you to make some questionable choices. In one of those “I’m totally saving money” moments, I purchased an enormous jar of capers for two bucks at the market a few months ago. (It was 150 servings!) My love of the little briny flower buds is strong, but how many cups of capers can one person honestly eat? Since my excessive purchase, I’ve let them be my muse. You’d think a recipe like the one below would have started with the citrus at its center. But actually, it was the salty capers that lead me in. But no matter where you start in a recipe, it’s the final product that matters most. This recipe works all year round. Make it in the winter when citrus is in peak season. Or whip it up in summer when we have an endless appetite for all things fruity. The sour to semi-sweet grapefruit pairs perfectly with the smooth,…

Guilt-free foods you can eat endlessly without gaining weight

Everything in moderation. But luckily, “moderation” with these 15 foods means something much more than most. The high water content, high fiber content and low calorie counts mean that you can pretty much eat these foods until you’re totally sick of them without seeing a bit of added weight on your frame. Of course you can overdo anything, but for a quick guide of what to guiltlessly grab from the fridge, start here. Blackberries Eating blackberries aids in digestion and helps us to stay alert. They are said to tighten tissue and give our skin a more youthful appearance. Like most berries, blackberries are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants known as bioflavonoids. Get all of this for only 62 calories per serving. Kale With 33 calories per cup, eat as much kale as you want without worrying about your waistline. It also contains three grams of protein and 2.5…

Citrus, pistachio, pomegranate salad

This time of year, the citrus brought in from across the southern states is at its peak. And wow, is it good. It’s the perfect balance between tart and sweet, and it helps brings a bright pop of color and flavor to those of us living under grey winter skies. An orange at anytime is a pretty good snack, but sometimes you want something a little more special, or something fun you can share. This unique citrus salad checks both those boxes. Make it as a side dish to dinner or prepare a platter for your next party. Either way, it will be a big hit, and it will most certainly be something different. * Feel free to mix up the citrus. The salad works great with anything from tangerines, blood oranges or even limes. Citrus, pistachio, pomegranate salad Ingredients 2 grapefruits 2 oranges 1/4 cup pomegranate seeds (arils) 2 tbsp water 1…

Not Your Mama’s Grapefruit Juice

Watch out. If it’s an mild morning juice you’re looking for to wash down your bran muffin, you’ve come to the wrong recipe. This spicy, citrus juice will leave you feeling alive — and your day will be better for drinking it too. Turmeric is becoming famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, the grapefruits give a big dose of vitamin C, beta-carotene rich carrots leave your eyes healthy and fresh, and ginger makes a the morning a little zestier. Grapefruit, Carrot, Ginger, Turmeric Juice Ingredients:  6 medium carrots 2 grapefruits, halved and peeled 1 inch fresh ginger 1 inch fresh turmeric (or 1 tsp. ground powder) Directions: Run ingredients through juicer barrel in the given order. If using ground turmeric, pour glass and stir in. Pour over ice. Enjoy. *Note: You can find fresh turmeric in many common grocery stores nowadays, but if you’re having difficulty, try a local Asian market.

20 margarita recipes to make right now

A classic cocktail that needs no introduction. Try these twists on the basic lime blend — because one is only better than the next. Pink Lemonade Margarita  BLOOD ORANGE MARGARITAS FOR A CROWD pineapple coconut margarita WATERMELON & BASIL MARGARITA Blackberry Lemonade Margaritas Sunset Margarita (Mango Pineapple Margarita) Champagne Lemonade Margaritas Fresh Peach Margaritas SPICY PINEAPPLE MARGARITAS Margarita Moscow Mules Best Blue Margarita Spicy Grapefruit Jalapeño Margarita JACK’S ULTIMATE FROZEN MARGARITAS Skinny Sparkling Cherry Margarita POMEGRANATE MARGARITA RECIPE SILVER CADILLAC MARGARITA LAVENDER MARGARITA Raspberry Mango Margaritas Prickly Pear Margarita rosemary ginger margaritas