Eating at the dinner table is apparently, becoming a thing of the past. While you may have had no choice as a kid, now that you’re an adult, a newly released survey shows that you’re more likely to eat elsewhere.

More than 1,000 people participated in the first Cooking at Home Report, conducted by June, the appliance company credited with pioneered the intelligent convection oven. While 72% of respondents said they grew up eating dinner at the table, only 48% said they still do so today.

Of course, this can mean many things. Perhaps some participants live in the city, where apartments may be too small for a dining table.

So where do people eat?

The couch is a popular place to dine, with 30% of respondents claiming that was their surface of preference. Seventeen percent of people say they prefer to eat in bed.

The report didn’t ask questions as to why people choose these locations, just that they do — so here’s to hoping that they wash those sheets often. Yuck!

The other dinner time trend that’s losing popularity is, well, having a “dinner time.” Thirty-five percent of respondents said they had a set time they would eat dinner while growing up compared to just 22% of people today who say they eat at the same time every day.

The demise of the dinner table doesn’t necessarily mean people aren’t cooking at home. Twenty percent of respondents said they cook at home very single day, and 50% said they cook at home four or more times per week.

Those who don’t cook at home said it’s their busy schedule that keeps them out of the kitchen. Age also may dictate your likelihood to cook at home. Forty-four percent of people said they were intimidated by cooking for people — millennials being especially apprehensive. Meanwhile, 86% of men and 89% of women surveyed said that they find cooking skills attractive in a date.

So there you have it millennials. If you’re looking to win over that special someone, start by learning to simmer and sautée.

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