At a time when Millennials are taking food to to ridiculous heights — drinking perfect latte art out of an avocado, anyone? — it’s easy to see how the job of a Milk Sommelier can actually exists.

Bas de Groot is the world’s one and only milk sommelier as far as he’s aware. You might mock it, but he does actually has some smart things to say about the world’s favorite white dairy drink.

“It’s a liquid of serious complexity akin to a fine wine,” Groot says in a mini-doc by CNN’s Great Big Story. “The main thing I do is tell the story of the rich diversity of milk.”

Groot hosts an on-screen tasting at Clover Dairy Farm in California with farmer John Bucher. Just like a wine sommelier’s knowledge of a specific region’s soil, Groot credits the farm’s soil, plants and farmer’s practices with imparting specific flavors to the cow’s milk.

“Milk and wine are both made from living products. One is made by soil and the plant, and the other one is also made by the soil and the plant, but there is the cow in between,” Groot said.

Groot hopes to teach people to appreciated the different flavor notes in milk.

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