We’ve all had long days at work when mustering an hour more of energy to cook dinner when we get home seems impossible.

Tell that to India’s celebrity chef and TV personality Vishnu Manohar, who cooked a sequence of 20 different meals for 53 hours straight.

Manohar raised both hands up in the air with “victory” fingers to mark the end of his record breaking feat.

He accomplished his marathon cooking weekend from a stage in view of a large public audience who lined up as the seemingly bionic chef served up plate after plate of food.

Although he reached his goal time, he continued for an additional 4 hours to cover the five minute breaks he had taken every 8 to 10 hours, as allowed per the Guinness World Record official rules.

As a TV chef, Manohar is accustomed to cooking on his feet for long hours and told the Times of India he practiced by cooking for people at airports and railway stations that run through the night to get in the habit of warding off sleep, and supposedly cooked for 45 hours straight on three separate occasions leading up to his Guinness evaluated performance, reported Reuters.

The previous record was 38 hours and belonged to American teenage chef from Rhode Island, Ben Perry.

Manohar’s wife was the first to greet him after the victory. She told the Times of India, “I had no doubt about his making this record. The only time I was a bit nervous was Friday night thinking he still has two entire days and one night to go.”

He dedicated his personal victory to the farmers of Maharashtra and the goddess Annapurna and also declared, “I still have energy to go on for 10 more hours.”




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