Thanksgiving dinner is nothing without a boat of steaming gravy to smother it in, but somehow the sauce is the hardest thing to make. It can be too lumpy or runny or flavorless — but not this year. Look no further than your favorite celebrity chefs for foolproof tips and recipes on how to master their techniques and make a perfect gravy every time.

And if there is one thing they all agree on, it’s that you have to make plenty of gravy — it’s the best part!

Alton Brown

Alton Brown’s adds a little something special to his Best Gravy Ever — wine. And not even white, but rather, a red wine that adds a rich flavor to his hearty gravy recipe. In a large roasting pan he deglazes the bottom with 24 oz. of low sodium chicken broth and 8 oz. of red wine. As it boils and reduces, scrape the bottom to loosen any flavorful bits that might be stuck to the bottom. He then separates the fat, adds flour, stirs and combines for what is the most deliciously golden-colored gravy ever made. Check it out:

Tyler Florence

Chef Tyler Florence shows his love of garlic in his roasted turkey gravy recipe. His flavor-packed gravy calls for a whole head of garlic, an onion and fresh sage and thyme.

gordon ramsay

Gordon Ramsay starts by chopping up crispy bacon — cooked atop the turkey — and roasted onions and a roasted lemon from the turkey cavity. He adds rosemary for an “aromatic punch” and tomatoes to help thicken the gravy and “give it a fresh taste.”

Rachel Ray

Rachel Ray knows you can’t just rely on the turkey drippings because everyone likes lots of gravy and you want to have enough at your table. Black pepper and Worcestershire sauce add flavor to simple stovetop no-fail gravy. She also suggests using maple syrup, bourbon or apple cider to compliment the flavors in your brine.

Ina Garten

Combine cognac and white wine, and you’re bound to have festive, flavorful gravy.

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