Caprese salad is a summer must-make kind of dish… But no really. Without all of these Caprese salad recipes, how will you ever use up all of your fresh, home grown tomatoes? You already know how to slice tomatoes and mozzarella, so here are some other ideas for when you want to have a little fun with the classic.

Caprese Chicken Pasta Salad2

1. Caprese pasta salad

You favorite ingredients tossed with your favorite pasta also requires a glass of your favorite chilled wine. Cool and refreshing salad recipe.

Caprese Garlic Bread, A Can't Miss by Everybody Craves

2. Caprese garlic bread

Serve as a side dish or eat all on its own. Get the recipe.

Caprese Summer Rolls are the newest must-have recipe for warm weather days

3.  caprese summer rolls

Roasted tomatoes take these summer rolls to the next level. Get the recipe here. 

Caprese Pizza recipe2

4. caprese pizza

Caprese. Pizza. Need we say more? Make one tonight.

Strawberry caprese skewers

5. strawberry caprese skewers

Swap out strawberries for tomatoes in this interesting and tasty twist on Caprese. Make this appetizer. 

Fall in love with these 5 Easy Valentine's Day snack ideas - Caprese salad

6. caprese salad hearts

Use a cookie cutter to create this cute presentation. Love this recipe.

Caprese salad 10 different ways
The Novice Chef

7. Caprese stuffed avocados

Your new easy answer to “what’s for dinner?” Make this now.

8. Grilled Caprese Panini

What doesn’t taste better between two slices of bread? Get the recipe here. 

A Calculated Whisk

9. Caprese Fritatta

Make this recipe for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Get the recipe. 

Caprese salad 10 different ways_ caprese-pinwheel-roll-ups-threeolivesbranch-6-768x1024
Three Olives Branch

10. Caprese Pinwheels

Bite-sized Caprese pinwheels are perfect for anytime entertaining. Find the recipe.

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