Forget the pepperoni. Put aside the pizza sauce. Easter 2017 is upon us and that means the world is about to be introduced to the Cadbury Creme Egg pizza.

One London-based pizza maker teamed up with a British food delivery company, Deliveroo, to create the “Fior-egg-tina” — a twist on the Italian classic egg-topped Fiorentina.

But before you get grossed out thinking about that creme center melting into your mozzarella, know that this is a completely different type of pie. A strawberry sauce base is topped with marscapone, mint leaves and Cadbury Creme Eggs halves, then sprinkled with crunchy mini eggs. It’s an unbelievable ode to one of the world’s most beloved Easter candies.

The credit for this completely sweet pie goes to Crust Bros — but they’re only available via Deliveroo in London from April 7 through 14.

As an American, if you’re upset this masterpiece isn’t available to you then this isn’t going to help — McDonald’s is bringing a Cadbury Creme McFlurry to locations in England and Australia.

But you can have fun creating your own pizza at home, and maybe you could even try making this Peepza, first developed by Serious Eats. 

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