As scientists search for ways to make living on Mars a possibility for people in the future, Budweiser is plotting to make sure the first pioneers who land on the Red Planet don’t have to “cheers” using Tang.

On Saturday, at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas, Budweiser announced plans to research and produce a microgravity brew. The panel featured retired astronaut Clayton Anderson, vice president of Budweiser Ricardo Marques, and Anheuser-Busch vice president of marketing innovation Val Toothman.

“It’s a dream that builds off of our relentless focus on innovation,” Marques said according to AdWeek. “When we can enjoy a few ice-cold Buds on the Red Planet, that will be the moment when we can truly realize our dreams of space colonization.”

The lack of gravity presents enormous challenges to brewing beer in space. The whole fermentation process relies on gravity, as does consumption. Beer on Mars would taste completely flat.

“When you’re in a zero-gravity environment, a beverage with carbonation is going to be an issue,” Anderson said. Budweiser is researching the micro-gravity environment that currently exists on the planet to develop a beer that could be brewed and consumed there.

NASA has previously studied the effects weightlessness has on some of the carbonated drinks currently on the market. Without gravity, bubbles no longer have reason to rise to the top and, and instead, stay evenly distributed throughout the liquid. Soft drinks and beer become a foamy mess outside of Earth.

But Budweiser seems committed to making martian beer a reality.

“This takes the Budweiser experience to a whole other level,” Toothman added. “We know that colonization of Mars could be a decade or two away, but we want to make sure that Budweiser is the beer that people are toasting with on Mars when we get there.”





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