If you’re from the States, when you think of comfort food, your mind probably meanders around mac and cheese, a noodle dish smothered in cheese or maybe meatloaf. It turns out, where you live plays a big part in what you find comforting about food.

The folks at Buzzfeed recently asked their readers from around the world what the term “comfort food” means to them.

If one thing is universal about comfort food, it’s that homemade is where our hearts are.

1. Picadillo: Cuba

Ground beef is mixed with whatever items the chef can come up with. Olives, raisins, diced potatoes all simmer in a savory tomato sauce. The dish is sometimes served with rice, black beans and plantains.

2. Poutine: Canada

Salty, crispy, warm fries are topped with thick gravy and gooey chunks of cheese.
…That sentence is basically poetry.

3. Full English Breakfast: U.K.

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The traditional English breakfast consists of bacon, eggs, sausage, fried tomatoes, baked beans, toast and hash browns. Individually, those items are great. Together as one meal, they are magic.

4. Wonton noodles: Hong Kong

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We can definitely relate to comfort soup. A bowl of springy noodles are served in piping hot broth. Wonton dumplings are topped with spring onions and a drizzle of chilli oil.

5. Malva pudding: South Africa

Sweetened spongy pudding is made with apricot jam and often served with cream sauce or custard on top.

6. Banana cue: Phillipines

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It might be a a comfort food from half way around the world, but we can all find comfort in deep fried foods covered in sugar.

7. Sancocho dominicano: Dominican Republic

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A thick stew made with yucca and plantains. Most often eaten for special occasions.

8. Chaat: India

Chat is typically made with fried dough, crisp friend break and chickpeas, although there are tons of variations to this savory snack dish. It’s often topped with yoghurt.

9. Pofferjes: Holland

Pancake style puffs topped with powdered sugar and butter. Yum!

10. Zapiekanka: Poland

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Slice a bread low in half. Top with mushrooms and plenty of cheese. Toast. And you have yourself something that much be incredibly delicious.

11. Jollof and kelewele: Ghana

Spiced rice with a tomato base is served with fried plantains and also beef or fish.

12. Kosher: Egypt

Just reading about this delightful layering of carbs can bring feelings of comfort. Macaroni noodles, rice, chickpeas and lentils are topped with tomato sauce and fried onions.

13. Spice bag: Ireland

Fried chicken, fries, peppers and spices. No one ever said comfort food was healthy.

Condensed milk, cocoa powder and butter are mixed together until firm enough to ball up and make brigadier. Chocolate is one comfort food we can all get behind.

15. Grilled cheese and tomato soup: United States

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Warm, cheesy carbs dunkedย in a creamy tomato soup. (Extra points for a pickle on the side with some snap to it.) From 2 to 102, this is thee top comfort food for the country.




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