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8 Christmas traditions from around the world

In today’s globalized economy, the Christmas holiday can seem a little too expected. Images of Santa Claus, decorated evergreen trees, and candy canes be found all over the world. But if you dig a little deeper, you can still find people celebrating the beloved holiday in their own special way — particularly with food. While you’re tearing up tissue paper and singing festive songs this Christmas morning, consider what people around the world might be doing to add to their holiday cheer. https://www.instagram.com/p/BcqXOPkn9mb/?tagged=japankfc Japan Christmas is not an official holiday in Japan, but that doesn’t stop people from waiting in long lines at their local KFC. So why all the love for the fast food joint? December 25 is the one day a year KFCs in Japan serve “Christmas Chicken” — a tradition that dates back to a wildly successful ad campaign from 1974. The campaign was so successful, the people still flock to KFC…

15 Comfort Foods from Around the World

If you’re from the States, when you think of comfort food, your mind probably meanders around mac and cheese, a noodle dish smothered in cheese or maybe meatloaf. It turns out, where you live plays a big part in what you find comforting about food. The folks at Buzzfeed recently asked their readers from around the world what the term “comfort food” means to them. If one thing is universal about comfort food, it’s that homemade is where our hearts are. 1. Picadillo: Cuba Picadillo mexicano with a red wine reduction. #picadillo #picadillomexicano #picadillomeal #comfortfood #quickfix #mexicolindo #thursdayfeels #comidamexicana #foodporn A post shared by @chefcesar86 on Mar 9, 2017 at 3:19pm PST Ground beef is mixed with whatever items the chef can come up with. Olives, raisins, diced potatoes all simmer in a savory tomato sauce. The dish is sometimes served with rice, black beans and plantains. 2. Poutine: Canada…