You can’t go wrong putting a six-pack or bottle of wine under the tree, but you can also get a lot more creative. From freezable beer glasses to wine glass appetizer plates, here are 5 gifts the wine or beer drinker in your life will love just as much as their favorite brewskis, bubbly, or booze.

5 clever gifts for the wine or beer lover in your life_wine_glass_mustaches

Silicone Wine Glass Mustache Whiskers

($8.99) Set of 6

Never lose your wine glass again. These fun and whimsical wine charms suction to the outside of your wine glass making it easily identifiable in a crowd. Comes in a set of 6 unique, colorful mustache designs.

5 clever gifts for the wine or beer lover in your life_wine_chiller_bottle

Wine Chiller


When the night calls for BYOB, this insulated stainless steel wine chiller will be MVP. Container holds one full standard-sized bottle of wine (750 ml – 25.36 fl oz). Design holds a lid that doubles as a cup, an easy pour spout, an easy clean design. Toss it in the cooler or a purse, and never worry about leaks. Your wine (or any beverage!) will stay cold for 24 hours.

5 clever gifts for the wine or beer lover in your life_freezeable_beer_glasses

Freezable Beer Glasses

($35.00) Set of 2

There are a lot of beer glasses out there, but this one is destined to become their favorite. The design features freezing fluid held within double borosilicate  glass walls that will keep their beer cold from start to finish. Just store in the freezer, and the cups are ready to go when they are.

5 clever gifts for the wine or beer lover in your life_wine_appetizer_plates

Wine Glass Appetizer Plates

($19.99) Set of 4

These plates hold your appetizers so you don’t have to. Picture this, you’re at a wine festival or house party when out come the hors d’oeuvres. With wine in one hand and food in the other, you have no hands left to actually eat those delicious bacon wrapped scallops you snagged. Appetizer plates to the rescue! Just set plate atop wine glass, load up with snacks, and problem solved.

5 clever gifts for the wine or beer lover in your life_wine_foil_cutter

Pinch Foil Cutter and Bottle Opener


The perfect stocking stuffer for any wine drinker, this 2-in-1 tool removes foil when placed on top of any wine bottle — just pinch and twist. Then, when you’re done, place back on top of the bottle to create an air-tight seal.

5 clever gifts for the wine or beer lover in your life_wine_bag

Bonus! Wine purse designer gift bags


Gift giving has never been so stylish. These purse-shaped wine bags are designed to fit a bull bottle of wine or champagne when laid horizontally. The designs even mimic real designer purses for lots of fun and laughs.

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