Google is so much more than a search engine. It’s where we turn for answers to pretty much every. Every year the company tracks and tallies our collective searches and gives us a snapshot of what we were all asking for the past 365 days.

Of course, when you’re wondering about a good substitute for whole milk or a keto-friendly version of your favorite chocolate cake, Google is there too. In fact, people consult Google for all kinds of recipes and information on the latest food trends. Here’s what Google said were the most popular food searches in the United States for 2018:

1. The Unicorn Cake

The unicorn cake made 2018 magical. With long eyelashes, a pastel pink and purple mane, and a straight shiny golden horn, the colorful cake was popular at birthday parties for the young and young-at-heart. People everywhere were searching how to make them (lots of fondant for those ears and horn!), or where to buy them (Sam’s Club or Williams Sonoma).

2. Romaine lettuce

But the year wasn’t all rainbows and glitter. Romaine lettuce was the second most common Google search in America, during a year when the leafy greens led to multiple E. coli outbreaks. More than 270 people became ill and the story became one of the biggest food friends, and most searched health stories, of 2018.

3. CBD gummies

CBD gummies were gaining fans. The tasty treats are made from a byproduct of hemp and claim to alleviate anxiety and other medical issues including joint pain and epilepsy.

4. Keto pancakes

Keto dominated the search results this year — not surprisingly, it was also the most searched diet of 2018. Pancake cravings present a problem for the carb-ditching dieters, so people turned to Google for keto-friendly pancake recipes.

5. Keto Cheesecake

Cheesecake isn’t quite the conundrum that pancakes present for keto dieters, still, loyal followers want to make sure their favorite treats aren’t putting them over the top.

6. Necco wafers

Necco wafers weathered a year full of rumored closings, saviors, and bids to buy the iconic candy brand, and people were captivated every step.

7. Keto cookies

Because dieting doesn’t have to mean ditching the good stuff when you’re on Keto.

8. Keto chili

Okay, we get it, Keto people. You’re all about it.

9. Keto brownies

Really. We get it.

10. Gochujang

The wild card on this list goes to gochujang — a savory sweet, and spicy fermented red chili paste condiment made from chili powder and glutinous rice. The appearance of gochujang on Google’s search list for 2018 shows the rising popularity of Korean food across the country.

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Meghan is a full-time writer exploring the fun facts behind food. She lives a healthy lifestyle but lives for breakfast, dessert and anything with marinara. She’s thrown away just as many meals as she’s proud of.