Snowman Donuts

Looking for an easy wintertime treat? These snowman donuts are so easy to make, even the kids can help. They’re a great no-bake dessert for last minute classroom parties or winter get-togethers with friends. Put these cute three-ingredient Snowman Donuts together faster than you can throw a snowball! Note: You can also use candy corn for noses if you still have some leftover from Halloween. Orange Starbursts can also be cut into triangles for another nose option. Snowman Donuts Ingredients 1 box or bag of mini powdered donuts handful of mini chocolate chips orange M&M’s You might also need:  skewers (if you just want to make the snowman heads, you can omit this item) Directions Remove donuts from their packaging. Skewer 3 donuts per stick and set aside. Put 1 orange M&M inside the hole of the first donut on each skewer. Place mini chocolate chips point side down into the…

This is why your nose runs when it’s cold outside

Ever notice that your nose gets a bit runny when temperatures drop outside? There’s a reason for that. For many, a runny nose is an unfortunate part of winter. About 50 to 90 percent of people get a runny nose when it’s cold outside. But it’s not a sign that you’re getting sick, it’s just a side effect of your body warming up cold, outside air before passing it on into your lungs. It’s called “cold-induced rhinitis”, or “skier nose”, and it’s a completely healthy — albeit annoying — part of your body’s ability to regulate the humidity of the you breath. It’s the job of your nose to make sure that the air you breath is warm and humid so that it doesn’t irritate your lungs. When breathing in freezing temperatures, the air in the back of the nose always hovers around 79ºF (and as high as 86ºF), while the humidity is usually 100 percent,…