Looking for an easy wintertime treat? These snowman donuts are so easy to make, even the kids can help. They’re a great no-bake dessert for last minute classroom parties or winter get-togethers with friends. Put these cute three-ingredient Snowman Donuts together faster than you can throw a snowball!

Note: You can also use candy corn for noses if you still have some leftover from Halloween. Orange Starbursts can also be cut into triangles for another nose option.


Snowman Donuts


  • 1 box or bag of mini powdered donuts
  • handful of mini chocolate chips
  • orange M&M’s

You might also need: 

  • skewers (if you just want to make the snowman heads, you can omit this item)


  1. Remove donuts from their packaging. Skewer 3 donuts per stick and set aside.
  2. Put 1 orange M&M inside the hole of the first donut on each skewer.
  3. Place mini chocolate chips point side down into the powered donut to make eyes and mouth. (Recommended 2 for eyes and 5 for mouth). Repeat this step for the first donut on each skewer.


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