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Here’s how your favorite chefs make grilled cheese

Although grilled cheese only requires three ingredients — bread, cheese, and butter — the sandwich has been reimagined all over the world, using ingredient add-ons and crazy new cooking methods. Whether it’s a smear of mustard spread, or a literal cook on the grill, there really is no bad way to make a grilled cheese — only better ways! National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day is April 12, so spread the gooey love and share one of these chef-inspired sandwiches with your cheese-loving friends. INA’S ULTIMATE GRILLED CHEESE https://youtu.be/ueJjs-ckdyU If you’re a mustard fan, Ina’s special mustard, mayo, parmesan mix inside the bread will have you drooling. Add on her recommended equal parts shredded gruyere and shredded cheddar to a “good bakery loaf.” Oven-cooked chopped bacon bits finish it off before it gets grilled in the panini press. What you’ll need: Good bakery bread 1 cup mayo 1/4 cup dijon mustard 1/4 cup parmesan cheese…

Here’s how your favorite chefs whip up scrambled eggs

Celebrity chefs have tons of unusual, creative recipes they’re individually known for, but what happens when we ask them to take us back to the basics? One of the first foods many of us learn to make is scrambled eggs, so virtually everyone in America (and beyond) has a tried-and-true way of preparing the classic breakfast meal. Check out the footage below to see if you can pick up any pointers from the pros. Or maybe you’ll decide your way was right all along! Anthony Bourdain https://youtu.be/sBJESSMD8qA Anthony Bourdain’s declares his simple style as “old school.” “Like a lot of simple things, people find a way to overcomplicate them and screw them up.” Bourdain leaves out any additions like milk or cream, and makes his morning egg just about the egg. He recommends cracking them into an intermediate bowl and beating, but not over-beating, the eggs. Gordon ramsey https://youtu.be/PUP7U5vTMM0 Ramsay’s fluffy scrambled eggs are…