Celebrity chefs have tons of unusual, creative recipes they’re individually known for, but what happens when we ask them to take us back to the basics? One of the first foods many of us learn to make is scrambled eggs, so virtually everyone in America (and beyond) has a tried-and-true way of preparing the classic breakfast meal. Check out the footage below to see if you can pick up any pointers from the pros. Or maybe you’ll decide your way was right all along!

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain’s declares his simple style as “old school.” “Like a lot of simple things, people find a way to overcomplicate them and screw them up.” Bourdain leaves out any additions like milk or cream, and makes his morning egg just about the egg. He recommends cracking them into an intermediate bowl and beating, but not over-beating, the eggs.

Gordon ramsey

Ramsay’s fluffy scrambled eggs are the stuff Sunday morning dreams are made of. The cloud-like appearance comes from a number of pro tips like “never whisking the egg outside the pan,” taking it on and off of the heat, and adding a healthy dollop of crème fraîche. Ramsey’s reminds us that the most important thing you can do to up your egg game is to not overcook it.

Martha Stewart

Martha’s simple method just involves getter a tablespoon of butter to the perfect temperature. “Get the butter so that then you add a bit of moisture to it, it will splatter,” she demonstrates. The famous chef also reminds us that when you start with good, fresh eggs, you don’t need to add lots of extras to your dish — except for maybe toast. Everyone loves toast.

Bobby Flay

The author of Brunch @ Bobby’s should know a thing or two about cooking scrambled eggs. No matter how you like your eggs or what you like to put in them, Bobby Flay offers up two tips that apply to everyone. 1. Continue to stir as soon as the eggs go in the pan. 2. Don’t add salt until the very end.

Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone isn’t shy about what he adds to his eggs. The Aussie chef suggests adding a little green like parsley, chives or onions, which is pretty common. But where he gets creative points — he adds mayonnaise for some zing or heavy cream for flavor. A non-stick pan is a must for Stone, and his technique calls for pouring the whisked eggs in the pan first and then increasing the heat.

Jamie Oliver

Not content with giving us just one way to cook eggs, Jamie Oliver shows how scrambled eggs are done in three different countries — England, France and America. He uses the same free-range, organic eggs and the same amount of butter for all three, but shows how the method changes the texture, the look and the taste, too. (As does the cook time. Watch out for those 6 minute French eggs!)

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