election day


Get free pizza delivered while you wait in line to vote

What’s worse than waiting in line? Waiting in line while hungry.ย Pizza To The Polls has a solution.ย The quirky nonprofit will deliver you and your fellow Americans FREE pizzas as you wait in line at your local polling station. Pizza To The Polls was founded in 2016, and has raised nearly $75,000 and delivered nearly 3,000 pizzas, as of November 4. The concept is simple, if you’re stuck in line, you can go to the organization’s website, enter a link to your social media post (like a Tweet or Instagram post) showing evidence of long lines. Enter the address of the polling place, then your phone number or email address if you want updates on the status of your pizza delivery. Pizza To The Polls will promptly receive your requests and act quickly to place an order for a local pizza shop to deliver your pie, pronto. It’s that simple. https://www.instagram.com/p/BeNtj0vA49u/…