What’s worse than waiting in line? Waiting in line while hungry. Pizza To The Polls has a solution. The quirky nonprofit will deliver you and your fellow Americans FREE pizzas as you wait in line at your local polling station.

Pizza To The Polls was founded in 2016, and has raised nearly $75,000 and delivered nearly 3,000 pizzas, as of November 4. The concept is simple, if you’re stuck in line, you can go to the organization’s website, enter a link to your social media post (like a Tweet or Instagram post) showing evidence of long lines. Enter the address of the polling place, then your phone number or email address if you want updates on the status of your pizza delivery.

Pizza To The Polls will promptly receive your requests and act quickly to place an order for a local pizza shop to deliver your pie, pronto. It’s that simple.

The goal is to make voting a little less boring, stressful, and making voting a time to be celebrated rather than dreaded.  Delivered pizzas don’t have to be devoured by one voted alone — They’re for sharing with kids, fellow voters, polling place volunteers, anyone! The organization makes it clear, the pizzas are for “anyone else hungry for a slice.”

Pizza To The Polls posted on their website, “Ain’t nothin partisan about trying to make voting less of a drag.” So while you may have heated words with voters of another party, at least everyone can come together and share a slice of the great unifier — pizza.

All money for pizza comes from donations. Any leftovers cash will be used in the next election. Here’s where you can donate to Pizza To The Polls, and if you don’t know where you can vote, check here.


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