Costco is selling giant 6.6 pound buckets of Nutella

If you’re the kind of person who can’t start a day without Nutella, the company has some great news for you. Get your spoons ready because your neighborhood Costco is starting to sell 6.6-pound buckets of Ferrero’s Nutella. Each bucket contains the equivalent of about eight regular 13-ounce jars of the cult-favorite hazelnut spread. The big bucket offers a better deal than stocking up at discount stores including Walmart, where one jar is currently listed at $3.58. At this price, buying eight jars would run you $28.64, meaning you’d save a total of $6.65. If you follow the suggested serving size, you’re getting 81 servings. That’s enough to last even the most Nutella-obsessed at least a little while. It’s also great if you’re in to experimenting with Nutella stuffed goodies in the kitchen, or if you have a whole family of Nutella lovers that wolf the stuff down. The ginormous…