Most of us have grown up with Oreo, dunking or twisting those chocolate cookies into ice cold milk. We may have had childhood disputes as to the best way to eat the classic sandwich cookie. Do you go for the cream first and save the cookie for last? Do you just scarf the whole thing down?

Since their creation in 1912, Oreos were mostly consistent. The brand only occasionally ventured into product variations. Double Stuf Oreos offered us extra cream in the 70s. Then the 80s brought us a fudge covered cookie. Oreo celebrated Halloween and Christmas in the 90s with special orange or red colored cream.

(Siiiiigh) Those were simpler times.

Recently, Oreo has been unleashing a new flavor every few months. Most of the time, they’re delicious. Red Velvet, Cinnamon Bun and S’mores are just a few. Some are more questionable (Think: Watermelon and Cotton Candy).

This spring, Peep-flavored Oreos are hitting the shelves, and they’re sure to bring either delight or disgust depending on your opinion of the famous sugar-coated, bird-shaped marshmallow treats.

The new cookie is expected to use Oreo’s vanilla flavored outer sandwiches, combined with what the package describes as “Marshmallow Peeps flavored creme.” The pink and yellow color combo inspires spring.

The new cookie concoction is expected to hit Walmart stores February 22, though they aren’t exclusive to Walmart.

If they’re anything like the real Peeps, maybe the secret to enjoying them will be to leave the package opened on the counter for a few weeks for the sugar-laden sweets to turn stale.

Find Peep Oreos online or check your local grocery store.




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