Hey, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry.

A ravenous raccoon apparently attempted to sneak away with some free food and instead wound up getting stuck inside a vending machine at a central Florida high school. The curious critter had to be freed by animal control.

“This gentleman was apprehended today while committing burglary of a vending machine at Pine Ridge High School,” a post on the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office Faceback page read.

Thankfully, the law enforcement officials thought to snap a photo of the adorable, guilty-looking little guy to share with all of the world. Naturally, the internet loved it.

“That bandit even wore a mask and still got caught,” wrote one user. Herr’s snack company, whose chips are visible in the photo, joined in on the fun, writing, “We think we know what he was after!”

If you’re worried about the bandit’s safety, know that he’s good now. According to the Facebook post, Deputy Danny Clifton called in the Deltona Animal Control. A video posted by the department shows the raccoon leaping from the machine — which had been wheeled outside — and scurrying off, presumably, to his next heist.

Officials had to wait for someone from the vending machine company to unlock the machine, so the raccoon was trapped for nearly four hours.

No word on whether the raccoon actually ate any snacks during his time locked up.

Sheriff’s spokesman Andrew Gant told HuffPost all responders wish him the best.

“We hope he’s well-fed and recovering from the experience.”

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