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When you’re hungry in the future, you may be printing out your own pizza. A startup named BeeHex raised $1 million in seed funding to launch its first product, a pizza printer called Chef 3D.

The concept started as a possible solution for supplying astronauts with enough food on long missions to outer space, but the company’s founders realized the opportunity in today’s current commercial market on Earth.

BeeHex’s long-term goal, according to one founder, is to create a network of printers that are capable of producing customized snacks or meals on-the-spot. One day, customers may actually be able to use an app to select a food that corresponds to their health needs. The startup has earned the attention of lead investor and food automation expert Jim Grote, founder of Donatos Pizza chain of restaurants, who believes the technology could be used in high-volume pizza restaurants.

The BeeHex 3D food printer at the 2016 Food Loves Tech conference. Image credit: BeeHex

BeHex cofounder Anjan Contractor said his company is currently working with select pilot customers in the food business, and recently moved its research and development facilities to Columbus, Ohio, reports TechCrunch.

Contractor said, “Businesses want to provide personalization, and they don’t want to have to spend a lot of money to offer this.”

This could mean consumers will be able to order gluten-free meals at the touch of a button. Or maybe a Micky Mouse shaped pie for your nephew and a pizza sans cheese for the his lactose intolerant older brother.

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