An all-you-can-eat pizza festival really only needs to have one thing: pizza.

Well, organizers of an event — the Notting Hill Pizza Festival in England — were left saying dough (err doh)! Bellmonte Life ran the event and blamed a broken oven and “overzealous appetites.”

Lines lasted an hour for a single slice of pizza, hardly what you’d expect at what should have been a buffet. Two tickets — that promised unlimited pizza — cost around $32, so a piece every hour or so did not satisfy the crowd.

And when festival-goers actually got a slice, it didn’t look that great:

It seems like British companies are having some problems when it comes to these festivals over the past couple of years.

The Big Cheese Festival in December promised “unlimited cheese, mulled wine and fun” … except they also ran out of cheese.

And the MySlice Festival in 2016 promoted itself as “a musical festival combined with some of the craziest pizzas imaginable.” There were only five vendors, however, with lines more than an hour long, and it also ran out of pizza around 5 p.m.

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