yellow juice


Mellow yellow squash, apple, strawberry, turmeric juice

For some reason, it never occurred to me to juice squash. But as I scrambled for veggies to fill my juicer this morning — and saw my limited selection — I considered how delicious squash juice actually might be. I rinsed it off and tossed it down the juicing chute, and in seconds I was sampling the sweet, subtle flavor of squash juice. Squash is loaded with vitamin A, which is great for eye health and immunity. The vitamin C is great for faster healing and keeping skin firm and youthful. And the potassium helps muscles, blood pressure and aids in stroke prevention. Potassium is also an electrolyte, so it helps to maintain the balance of fluid in the body like a sports drink. Of course, these aren’t the only nutrients found in squash. They have many other essential and non-essential nutrients, but it’s just a glimpse of how, juicing squash can be a great nutrient boost to…