Triple berry kale walnut salad celebrates summer

If I can give two pieces of advice for salads, I would first tell you to always include some fresh fruit. Blueberries, mandarin oranges, strawberries — honestly, just about any fruit works. It’s a juicy pop of unexpected flavor that goes really well with the texture of leafy greens. Fruits and veggies are good friends like that. My second piece of advice is to always toast your walnuts. Okay, maybe not every single salad requires it, but most gain something. You’ll never be disappointed. Toasting improves the texture, so the nuts stay crispier, longer in the middle of all that lettuce and dressing. And this little trick doesn’t cost anything. Just buy plain old walnuts and throw them in the toaster oven (or oven) for 10 minutes on 350ºF, and you have just seriously upgraded to restaurant quality. No oil needed for roasting. Pine nuts will be done around 5 minutes.…

National Restaurant Association Names Top Trends for 2017

Chorizo, Cholulah, Sriracha. Just a few years ago uttering these names at a restaurant would have got you blank stares in most parts of the county. Now these food items practically make up the under 40 crowd’s daily diet. Food lovers are finicky. What is flavorful and exciting one year can become tiresome and expected the next. Our taste buds have short attention spans and restauranteurs know they have to stay ahead of the game to keep us dining out. So what trends are hot for 2017? Here’s what’s on the menu according to the National Restaurant Association. 1. Poké What’s this sudden poké craze all about? Enjoyed by the Hawaiian puka-shell-wearing, surfing set since the 70s, poke fits with our current love of healthy, customizable foods. In 2016 we learned we were saying it incorrectly (pronounced poke-eh). This year, we’re learning whether we like salmon, tuna, yellowtail or albacore…