The Most Affordable U.S. cities for grilling

If your budget says ‘bowl full of ramen’ but your tastes say ‘grilled ribeye’, consider that moving to a different zip code may mean you can indulge your carnivorous cravings more often. It turns out that grilling in certain United States cities is far less expensive than it is in others. ApartmentGuide.com recently crunched some numbers to figure out the most affordable cities to grill in, based on the average prices of popular grilling goods such as steak, sausage, and beer, along with the cost of living for a one bedroom apartment. The website ranked a total of 257 U.S. cities. Each of four food categories (steak, ground beef, sausage, and beer), received a score from 1-257 (1 being most affordable) based on the average price of that food in that city. The four scores were then tallied and average to determine a Grilling Affordability Score (GRS). The results? If…

This state drinks the most wine in the US

With its ample sunshine, gorgeous beaches, and general laid back state of mind, California has acquired a bit of a party reputation over the decades. So it probably comes as no surprise that residents of the Golden State drink the most wine in the country. The National Institutes of Health’s examination of national drinking trends found that Californians drink more wine by volume than any other state. Of course, California is also home to world renown wine producing region, Napa Valley, and more wineries than any other state โ€” by a long shot. In fact, 86 percent of the wineries in the country are located in California. California also boasts the largest population, with 39 million thirsty residents, so they have a leg up. Runners up include Florida, New York, Texas, and Illinois. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Wyoming drinks the least wine, followed by West Virginia, North…