What you should really stock up on for Coronavirus prep

With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing and “nonessential” businesses coast to coast closing their doors, Americans are facing the reality of two weeks stuck at home. While toilet paper and hand sanitizer have been flying off shelves, there are other things that make more sense in preparation for 14 days holed up at home. Supply chains are said to still be well in-tact, according to The New York Times, so there is no need for outright stockpiling food. In fact, shoppers rushing out and buying everything is sight is causing an inconvenient temporary and unnecessary shortage for other shoppers. Instead, stay calm and stock up on what you really need. Buying the right food, medicine, and cleaning supplies now can help you cut down on overall trips to the store, and less time in large public centers. But don’t just buy up anything and everything you see. You’ll put…

What people are stockpiling during the coronavirus panic

There’s no denying that fears of a widerspread coronavirus outbreak are sweeping the nation. Despite what health experts are recommending at this time, U.S. citizens are stockpiling extra dry goods in the event they find themselves stuck at home for some amount of time. Face mask, hand sanitizer, and cases of bottled water have been flying off grocery store shelves for weeks, but what are the other most sought after items? According to Nielsen data, shelf-stable and longer-lasting foods have seen a spike in sales since late February, while fresh produce sales are noticeably lower. CNBC compared how this years product sales are comparing to last year’s sales of the sale time period.ย At U.S. stores, fruit snacks sales were up by nearly 13%. Dried beans were up 10%, and pretzels were up 9%.ย Other items like energy drinks, pet medicine, vitamin supplements, and first-aid kits also so an sales spike. Here’s…