3-ingredient easy mango sorbet recipe

In a world of sugary land of desserts, one sweet treat brings all the flavor without the guilt. Sorbet is often served at higher-end restaurants or even as a palate cleanser between courses, but you need not go to a fancy restaurant or shell out $6 a pint for the store-bought stuff. Make it right at home. This 3-ingredient recipe is perfect for people wanting to eliminate processed sugars or dairy from their diet, while still looking to indulge with friends and family. But don’t get sorbet confused with sherbet. Sorbet (pronounced sor-bay) is typically made from two ingredients — fruit and sugar. Due to the lack or milk, it has a slightly icy texture and needs to sit a bit at room temperature before eating. Sherbet is also made from fruit and sugar, but according the the FDA, sherbet must contain between one and two perfect milkfat. (For reference, ice cream must…