A vegan guide to condiments

What’s actually in wasabi anyway? Doesn’t soy sauce contain fish or something? When it comes to common condiments, sometimes their specific ingredients are a mystery to us. Condiments can pose a real problem for vegans or people looking to eat fewer animals products, so many will skip them entirely for a while or just stick to one or two they know to be safe. But since everyone loves to dip and dunk their food, that means no fun — and much less flavor. Here is a quick PETA-approved guide to show you which condiments are safe for vegans and which ones you should steer clear of. Vegan-Friendly condiments A1 Steak sauce A1 Steak sauce is delicious on grilled vegetables and sandwiches. If you’re vegan, no need to worry here. This flavorful sauce contains tomato purée, raisin paste, vinegar, sugar, salt, orange purée, and a blend of spices. Barbecue sauce With barbecue,…