Authentic Maldivian breakfast to try at home (mas huni)

Besides all of the fun and interesting people you meet, one of the most memorable aspects of traveling, for me, is the food (of course). I’m talking about enjoying local cuisines and new foods that can broaden your horizons and give your taste buds something brand new to crave when you get home.ย I discovered a super simple breakfast dish during a recent holiday in the Maldives I couldn’t wait to make it when I got home. Maldivian cuisine is an exotic blend of rich flavors and regional influences from neighboring countries like Sri Lanka and India. Dishes range from a mild spiciness to a delicate sweetness, often times straddling the two. Eat traditional Maldivian food and you’ll fall in love with complex curries and easy-to-eat coconut-oil fried finger foods. Maldivian cuisine, also called Dhivehi cuisine, is largely based on three items: coconuts, fish, and starches. This tasty dish, called mas…