Lee Clayton Roper


‘Fresh Tastes’ makes everyday cooking, entertaining uncomplicated

Here’s one way to spot a cookbook you’ll actually use: Short lists of ingredients. And if you can get all of those ingredients at any well-stocked supermarket, chances are good you have yourself a keeper. But don’t be fooled. Easy, common ingredients aren’t an advertisement for simple flavors. They’re just an author doing her due diligence to make sure her recipes actually get used by home cooks. At least, that’s what cookbook author Lee Clayton Roper says of her second cookbook Fresh Tastes. I spoke to Roper about her motivation behind the cookbook — a follow up to her first, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen. But talking about one cookbook inevitably leads to talking about the other, as well. “She couldn’t remember who the president was or what day of the week it was, but she could remember her recipes,” said Roper of her mother, the inspiration for her entry into the world of cookbook writing. “The…