key limes


What’s the difference between limes and key limes?

It’s August and the celebration of summer foods continues, as we gorge on watermelon, all things caprese, and grilled goods every night.ย One more summer speciality we just can’t get enough of? Key Lime Pie. Of course, if you’ve ever made or eaten this tart and tasty pie, you might have asked yourself: What the heck is the difference between a regular, old lime and this fancy fruit called a “Key lime?” ย Perhaps you’ve even gone to the grocery store, and wondered if you could substitute one for the other โ€” particularly if your store doesn’t stock the teeny speciality Key limes. So what’s the difference between the two? Well, not really that much. The truth is that “regular” limes and Key limes can be used interchangeably in recipes without risking too much of a disaster. Though, without using Key limes, your Key lime pie is arguably just a “Lime pie.”…