KFC knows you needed drumstick socks, launches online retail store

When you go to sleep at night, don’t you wish you could cuddle up with the Colonel? Now you can. KFC just launched a retail store of “finger lickin’ good” apparel and home décor. From  pillowcases printed with Sanders’ face to socks stamped with drumsticks, fast-food fans will find the items quite amusing. The fried-chicken swag starts at $8 for a pair of socks to $20 for an over-sized chicken sandwich lapel pin. A framed 11″x14″ print of KFC’s famous mashed potatoes is priced at $80. “Our fans were craving a way to embrace the fried chicken lifestyle, and KFC Ltd. gives them the opportunity to let their colonel flag fly,” said Steve Kelly, KFC U.S. director of media and digital, in a statement. Perhaps the most unusual item on the new site is a meteorite cut to look like the Zinger check sandwich. Retailing for $20,000, the item is said to be a…

Pineapple on pizza? Canadian man credited with inventing Hawaiian dies at 83

The Canadian man who is widely credited with inventing Hawaiian pizza, setting of the world-wide debate over whether the fruit has the right to top a pie, died last week at the age of 83. Sam Panopoulos was born in Greece and emigrated to Canada in 1954 at the age of 20. He told BBC that he made the first “Hawaiian” pizza in 1962 at the Satellite Restaurant in Chatham, Ontario, as a fun experiment. “We just put it on, just for the fun of it, see how it was going to taste,” Panopoulos told the BBC. “We were young in the business and we were doing a lot of experiments.” Panopoulos said he and his brothers liked the sweet and savory contrast between the ham and the pineapple, and that they named it “Hawaiian” after the brand of canned pineapple they used. Pineapple on pizza became a trending debate earlier this year when the…