icebox pie


Sweet and tart Southern lemon icebox pie

Lately, my flavor of choice for just about anything is lemon. Come spring, I crave that tart, cool flavor.ย This cheery lemon icebox pie is the perfect ending to a backyard barbecue, fish fry, or Easter dinner. But don’t get me wrong โ€” I most enjoy it for breakfast the next morning. You will too โ€” don’t judge. So, what makes lemon ice box pie different from lemon meringue pie? The latter is usually made with a lemon custard filling, while the former is made with a mix of citrus juice and sweetened condensed milk. And of course, one is topped with whipped egg whites formed into sky-high meringue peaks, and the other more commonly sweetened with a dollop of whipped cream. If you’re still unsure, know that you could actually use this recipe to make a killer key lime pie, just by swapping out the fruit. If you’re a fan…