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Spicy thai tuna stuffed avocados

Tuna stuffed avocados are an easy yet impressive meal that definitely need a spot in your healthy New Year menu. No fatty mayonnaise here! Just tasty tuna, creamy avocado, and loads of fresh and delicious extras. This is one of those great recipes that is super customizable. Don’t like cilantro? Leave it out. Don’t like things spicy, leave those ingredients out. Have extra peppers or carrots at home? Add those right in. What you have is a healthy base of protein-packed white tuna and avocado full of oh-so-satisfying healthy fats. (It’s also low carb if you’re looking to make up for a few holiday cookie crimes you have have committed last month.) Whatever your preferences, this is sure to be a winning recipe in your house this year. Also see, 10 easy ways to start a healthier lifestyle.  Spicy Thai Tuna Stuffed Avocados Makes 2 servings  Ingredients 1 12-ounce can…

Edamame, olive salad

This edamame, olive salad will make you feel like you’re lunching at a seaside restaurant on some far flung Greek island. I swear it! It’s such an unusual combination that your taste buds will think you’re on vacation. I had a variation of this salad last week at an unlikely waterfront spot in North Carolina. The restaurant served mostly seaside style bar food, except for this incredible side dish. I’m so glad I ordered it. It was easily my favorite thing I had that meal — aside from that delicious Southern sweet tea. That’s hard to beat. This edamame, olive combo makes for a simple salad but not one where you want to cut back on quality. A bag of shelled edamame should only run you a few dollars, so splurge on the fancy olives — you know, the ones from the olive bar. Or at least get a good brand of jarred kalamatas.…