Restaurants with handwritten menus are seen as healthier, study says

From the dim lighting to the trendy tunes, there are countless factors beyond the food that influence what you think about a restaurant.ย Now, a new study claims that even the font chosen for a menu can influence your perception. The study, led by Stephanie Liu, an Assistant Professor of Consumer Sciences at The Ohio State University, suggests that restaurants with handwritten menus (as opposed to machine-written/professionally printed) are seen as having better tasting food. Research found that the imperfect handwritten font generated more favorable attitudes toward the menu overall. Furthermore, the food was perceived as being healthier. The findings are explained in the abstract of the paper, published in the Journal of Business Research: “The results show that handwritten typeface creates a competitive advantage by conveying a sense of human touch, which subsequently induces the perception that love is symbolically imbued in the restaurant’s offerings.” The researchers then determined that…