Hershey’s Builds Website Made Entirely of Chocolate

The biggest problem with the internet is that you can’t directly eat it. Hershey’s Brazil marketing executives recently sought to correct this digital shortcoming and designed a website that replaced real objects with chocolate ones that were then raffled off to fans across the country. Emojis and animals, a tornado, YouTube’s “play” button, a surfboard and even the Colosseum were all made out of solid chocolate — both milk and white. The promotion was created by agency Aktuellmix and was titled “#Eaternet.” After drooling over the page for a while, visitors were encouraged to go purchase a Hershey’s bar at their nearest store and then return to enter the code on the wrapper for a chance to win their favorite chocolatey piece of the site. Word spread throughout Brazil and the promotion was wildly successful. (Is giving away free chocolate ever not going to be a success?) Winners came from all corners of the country, so the…