Dwayne Johnson


“The Rock” uses cereal to claim his 5th Guinness World Record

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known for his bulging muscles as much as he is for his tough-guy roles in Blockbusters like San Andreas, the Fast and the Furious and Hercules. The towering 6ft. 4in. a-list actor and WWE star’s diet consists of more than 10 pounds of food each day, so you might be forgiven if you thought his recent Guinness World Record was for something like crushing a boulder or lifting a semi-truck. But you’d be wrong — He used cereal. Johnson’s production company, Seven Bucks Digital Studios, created a domino maze using 3,006 cereal boxes. The boxes were lined up in connected rows so they would fall in a continuous stream and create a form of culinary optical eye candy. The previous record was 2,686 cereal boxes. According to the Guinness World Records guidelines, the cereal boxes used need to be commercially available and cannot be tampered with or altered in any…