Doritos gives teens stylish lift to prom after hearing touching story

Four Kansas teens got a memorable ride to their prom after a popular snack company heard about one of the boys using their productย in his “promposal.” According to CBS News, Shaedon Wedel had planned to take his best friend’s sister, Carlie Wittman, to the prom since the beginning of the school year. Wedel wanted to make prom special for 15-year-old Carlie who has Down syndrome, so he planned a ahead and used her favorite snack, Doritos, as part of popping the question. His shirt read, “I know I’m NACHO typical Dorito but… I’m going to be cheesy and ask: will you go to prom with me?” Executives at the chip company heard about the offer and wanted to help make Carlie’s day extra special. They provided two helicopters emblazoned with the brand’s logo โ€” one for Carlie and Shaedon and another for Carlie’s brother and his date โ€” to use…