dipping sauce


Baked Crab Rangoons with spicy apricot dipping sauce

If you’ve never had a crab rangoon, or if you’ve only had them fried, prepare for your next great obsession. Rangoon’s, or crab puffs, are typically made up of crab meat, cream cheese, and onions with any number of additions such as carrots, garlic or Worcestershire sauce. They are common appetizers nowadays, appearing on most Thai and Chinese food menus in the U.S. While their history is unclear, cream cheese is essentially nonexistent throughout Southeast Asia, so they are likely neither Thai nor Chinese in origin, and yet just another delicious deep-fried, cheesy American invention. When crab rangoons are on a menu, I’m blindsided. I no longer feel the pangs of culinary adventure. I couldn’t care less about the special entrees or appetizers on the menu that evening. My focus is set on those warm, cheesy, crab bites and what surprise sauce the restaurant might be serving with them. I decided if…