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The most-Googled drinks of 2017

Without professional bartending skills, most of us have to consult the all-knowing Google for cocktail-making tips. All those queries then getย compiled and stored until the end of the year when the online behemoth bestows upon us its year end trends. After sifting throughย our trillions of search terms this year, Googleย has brought us the most popular alcohol related search terms in the Year in Search 2017. According to the data, cocktails tips reigned supreme with the Margarita and mojito topping the list. The cold weather classic, hot toddy, came in third. So, thinking back… how many of these have you searched for in the past 12 months? Here’s the full top 10 list: Margarita Mojito Hot Toddy Sangria Whiskey Sour Mai Tai Bloody Mary Cosmopolitan Old Fashioned Irish Car Bomb If you’re wondering how this list compares to the list from last year: Sangria was the most-Googled cocktail, with Strawberry Daiquiri,…